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Cue & Ehh? With Ack Ack Ack's Judson Frondorf

For a long time I had been lost in the surf, you know how it is, you jump onto Google and you type in as many things that you're into as you can, until you run out. Then it's a case of clicking link after link through pop up after pop up until you end up right back where you started; lost. That was until I discovered 'ack ack ack'. The site offered a collection of interesting routes. It aimed me in the right directions. It didn't mommy cuddle me along the way, sure it offered a teasing phrase or a temping word, but think of it more as fatherly push off rather than the training wheels on your bike.

To put in layman's terms, 'ack ack ack' is a link site. A site to which it's creator posts a list of interesting links that has taken him time and effort to find, to share with you for free, without any catches, for your immediate enjoyment. The internet doesn't get any better than 'ack ack ack'.

Judson Frondorf, the creator, is a bit of an enigma. Like a skilled cameraman or talented grip, he works behind the scenes, getting little reward or attention other than a link to his intriguing music, or if you're feeling generous, his Amazon wishlist. Having fed from him on a nearly daily staple diet of 'ack', I decided to find out a little about the cook, thankfully he was more than willing to share. Come taste...

Judson Frondori - Destroyer (A great track from Judson's Set 1).

'ack ack ack' was the first 'link blog' that I had ever visited. Although I love the joy of clicking and browsing through the interesting links, I wonder why the bloggers do it and keep on doing it. Why do you keep doing 'ack ack ack'?

It's not so much a blog as a website. No self-respecting artist/ writer/ musician/ male/ female/ child/ iconoclast should be without one, and I like routines.

You must have seen millions of weird, trivial and brilliantly pointless pages, hundreds of millions of 'just crap' ones... Do you have a favourite link that sticks in your head, maybe a link that you always copy and paste someone new you've met to impress them?

The Japanese sites never disappoint me. Can’t recall the page but it had a picture of Santa Claus on a crucifix...I thought 'Santa Christ'.

I've always wondered what the hell 'ack ack ack' means. I was thinking it was either a lung cancer victim coughing, a crow that's been listening to David Cross, or the worst impression of machine gun fire that I have ever heard. Am I close?

A song by the Minutemen... Also think of comic book styling of the blasting sound of a machine gun.

I've went from spending 13-16 hours a day on the internet to cutting it down to 5-8 hours with uncontrollable sobbing in between sessions. How many hours do you spend online?

I edit akackack from work. So the machine is on all day and I drop in and add stuff every few hours. I have no Internet at home. I'm at a coffee shop right now.

When I'm not online (Yeah, if that ever happens...) I like to spend my time watching MST3K and writing music. What do you get up to?

Build and repair furniture, writing music, media stuff, walk the dogs and a lotta biking.

I love thieving links from Screenhead or yourself. Which sites to you frequently visit for link inspiration and which site to you like to rip off the most?

No such thing as ripping off in the traditional sense. I've traced back coped links for as many as 10 sites and still never figured the origin. Favorites include Digg, Bifurcated Rivets & Delicious.

I imagine that when you finally leave this earth your grave stone's epitaph will be a series of a href links. Apart from 'ack ack ack's address, name one other address that would feature to sum up your life.

On my way home from primary school during the summer, I would suggest to myself that if I stood on a shadow I would catch Aids. The walk home consisted of me jumping street furniture shadows and diving over oncoming traffic shadows. It took me around four hours to get home from a ten minute walk. Did you have any weird quirks or games as a kid?

That's great! I made a Spider-man costume and kept it hidden behind my dresser. I would put it on at night and sneak out my window. Sit in the bushes and just watch people.

I think that if I stopped this blog tomorrow no-one would notice and I wouldn't get a single email about it. How many emails do you reckon you'd get if you stopped?

One, I don't know who from, but just one.

I was talking to my mate Johnny about how guys go on the internet to check something stupid, like an Ebay item or pricing a CD. Thirteen minutes later you find yourself on some hardcore porn site watching sperm pour from a girl's asshole?!... Ha ha. We figured out that an average guy views a porn site every 52 clicks. I manage around 2... (Opening Safari... He he), how many do you manage?

I can't at work; it's a school district so porn blocking is in place. At cafes I'll indulge every few weeks for a couple hours. I was a projectionist in a porn theatre in the early eighties so I'm jaded. I do like

I am starting to detest 'Boing Boing', they get so much praise for everyone else's work. There's little content, and it's basically a 'please feature my site' competition between submitters or some shameless self-promotion for the contributors and their mates. Which site do you hate?

I actually find neat stuff there and I don't care about the self-promo crap. Cory bitches a bit too much about privacy issues when the first thing I realised about the digital world was never keep anything on your computer you don't want the whole world to see. If you have a privacy fetish, stay away from computers. I hate badly designed sites. I don't go back to them no matter their content.

Weird & Freaky Question:

Since it's Easter, I'll ask an Easter related question.

Which horrible scenario would you choose if you had to select one and why would you favour it over the others?

Scenario 1) Squeeze a large chocolate egg out of your ass (like a human chicken) while a group of school children watch.

Scenario 2) Be buggered by the randy Easter bunny while he slaps you in the face with a carrot.

Scenario 3) Be slowly crushed by the large stone that rolled away from sealing Jesus' tomb during his resurrection.

You are very anal... Number 1, ‘cause the object is leaving my ass, not entering and if I was one of the kids I'd like to see that.

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