Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jesus Is Super, Man

Well it's gotta be everyone's album of the year, few would argue that it doesn't deserve it. Few would not be so stupid. For me Sufjan Stevens' Illinois brings up a lot of lingering points worth thinking about. For one, I was shocked to hear that Sufjan was a christian. Though it's not exactly a crazy thing to have Christian Musicians in the States (Remember Styx... sigh), it's very rare to see in the U.K.. I am trying to think of anyone other than Cliff Richard with very little luck. To have such substantial content in an album by a christian that merely doesn't state: 'You are so Great' or 'I am worthless, and so I worship', is outstanding...
Anyway, one of the stand-out tracks on the album is 'The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts'. This track, although not a direct look at Superman has various insights to a saviour or an ideal of a strong influential 'man'.
When you look at the story of Superman you will see it's similarity to the story of Jesus. Just like God, Superman's Father 'Jor-El' sends his only son to show man the difference between right and wrong. Brought up in a rural community by a stepfather, we are told of his childhood and then skip forward to his manhood (Until Smallville of course). We are also witness to Superman giving his life to save those he loves.
You could say that this is mere coincidence or simply 'looking too hard'. I cannot help think though that Shuster & Siegel (Both Jewish) re-wrote the New Testament to create a modern day saviour...

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