Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cue & Ehh? With Kevin Blechdom

When I first heard Kevy B, I realized that I had discovered my generation’s Shirley Temple. Though this Shirley Temple was a Tom Boy or more suitably, a Tom-Tom Boy. She climbs trees, farts with pride in public and enjoys chasing boys with shit on the end of a stick. With not as much dimple factor but twice the freckles Kevin Blechdom makes IDM look DIM.

Kevy bears all for our enjoyment. She’s a tolerable Tracy Emin with a great backing soundtrack. She’s Laurie Anderson on a Kazoo. She’s Barbara Kruger made with Play Doh. She’s hard to explain, but there’s no hiding the messages, but with a little glitter glue and sprinkle stars Kevin has proven you can certainly jazz them up.

George Formby’s dead. Thank God. There’s a new reason to steal your Uncle’s old Banjo… look (and listen) no further…

My mate Johnny just went to Berlin there a few weeks back and said it was rubbish. There was a shop that had a butchers counter with an old PC lying in it and some knickers nailed to the wall. He had also said that the nightlife was rubbish because clubs didn’t open until around 4-6 in the morning. What drew you to it?

MONEY and HONEY... Its stays in my pocket when I'm there... And the sweet people that like music and are really focused on what they're doing there and at first it was the partying... but I've slowed down a bit on that lately... I'm all partied out... but it took like two years to get that way...

He had also mentioned some kind of naked club, were you leave your clothes at the door in a black bag. It has a pissing room? Are you aware of it? Have you ever been? What club would you rather visit?

I have never been, but I've heard a lot about it... the few times I wanted to go... the guys were kind of giving me the "guys only" vibe... so whatever... maybe someday... I've heard they hose the whole room down in the morning when they clean up ‘cuz its covered with so much cum.

How much does the holocaust?

Good question... I think it costs INFINITE...

If you had a fire in your home what would you grab, your laptop or your banjo?

Since I have my laptop backed up in more that one location... Redundancy is a beautiful thing... I would grab my new banjo... ‘cuz I’m in love with it at the moment, I haven’t assaulted it like my old ones... but I can't do Myspace interviews on my banjo... so maybe my computer but on a purely financial level computers cost more money... so then I would take my computer... If I were stranded on an island I would rather have my banjo FOR SURE.

If you were able to put that fire out with any band T-shirt, what would you choose?

Oh there's so many bands' t-shirts to choose from... I'd probably choose a Feist T-shirt... or what's that band uhm... Radiohead... or I dunno... but I wouldn’t have any of these t-shirts... Maybe my own, ‘cuz I have so many unsold sitting around...

You have been prone to mentioning a fetish toward a spot of bestiality. What animal’s penis would you love to get your lips around? For me, it’d be a toss up (snigger) between a pigs twister, a dog’s lipstick and a horse’s vacuum pipe. What would you favour?

Dog seems to be the most plausible... but I guess a Bonobo chimp or an orangutan, definitely some type of primate would be fun...

There has been a lot of controversy about you showing your boobs on the cover of ‘Eat My Heart Out’. Is there any chance of getting some minge on the new album?

Definitely, I'm trying to work full frontal into my new live show... I'm more into live exhibitionism at the moment...

IDM is dead. It’s got real old, real fast. Tigerbeat6 is a dirty word. Warp’s moved on to Folk and Indie pop. Aphex has become some awful parody of himself. What’s the best thing you’ve taken out of that scene/time?

Dat Politics... nothing ever goes away, it just depends how you focus on it... and it all comes back around, renew, refreshed, reinvented, re-twisted... nothing goes away... the going away part is all in your own head... and labels just want money... Commerce SHOULDN'T determine musical value - - - - I like Southern Gospel at the moment a LOT, too much... actually I heard this conservative Christian stand-up comedian last night making jokes about different versus in the bible, and it WAS the funniest thing I'd heard in years, and that doesn’t seem to EVER go out of style...

I milked around 400 songs out of my break up with my previous girlfriend. Do you think you’ll ever forget about Miguel?

WHO? …No, he's a good friend, but I haven’t written love songs for him in at least four years... there's many different situations and people to write about, to write for... I just don't use first names anymore...

What track would be playing at your funeral? Mine would probably be ‘If you don’t know me by now’ - Marvin Gaye, for the humorousness of it.

Maybe the Max Tundra version of that song from the Sound of Music... about saying good bye and going to bed "the sun has gone to bed and so must I... dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun..."

I absolutely loved Countdown To Nothing, your short musical film. My favourite musical is probably Bjork’s Dancer In The Dark. What’s yours?

Annie, oh yeah I loved the first half of the Jerry Springer opera... Nunsense is funny, I also like Tommy a bit, and Cannibal the Musical, Southpark, the Simpsons... theyre are so many... but I DON'T LIKE CATS, except for Memories and Mr. Mistofeles... and I HATE THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA movie that just came out, it is a TOTAL piece of shit... its a complete HORRIFIC SHITHOLE, I want to kill everyone involved in making that movie... I like some Jacques Demy stuff but he doesn’t deal with women’s roles very well at all... I don't think having sex with your father is something that should be in a children's fairytale... but I'm not one to encourage censorship either... There's a Steve Martin one that seemed pretty good, but I didn’t see the whole thing... oh yeah, Little Shop of Horrors is AWESOME and the Jesus Christ Superstar movie is coool... there's some more Surreal ones I've loved but I can't think of the names at the moment.... My brother has made some funny musicals too; WATER NO WATER is DOPE!

You’ve adapted a boys name as a pseudonym, if you were to advise a boy who was adapting a girl's name what would you suggest?

Banjo or Bucket... excellent girls' names

Weird & Freaky Question:

What would you rather drown in, a vat of semen and blood or bloody semen?

SEMEN and BLOOD, but I would like it to be VERY FRESH...

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