Sunday, May 21, 2006

Eurovision 2006

Well, anyone who missed it last night will be surely kicking themselves... hopefully, in the face. It has been the best Eurovision in years. Although I love the fact that Lordi (A Finlandish Gwar) won the event, I can't help but feel sad for LT United (the Lithuanian entry). Not only did they get booed and hissed by a lot of the audience at the event, they also felt the blow through poor voting and rejection from neighbouring countries. 'We Are The Winners' was my personal favourite, with the Latvian accapella guys (Cosmos) with their D.I.Y. robot coming in second.

Unfortunately... without the robot.

I do understand the tongue in cheek voting that placed Lordi first, though I still feel that the tongue was not as firmly shoved in the cheek as it could have been. Lordi was an easy vote.


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