Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cloverfield, 1-18-08, Monstrous (Do you care anymore?)

The rumours and the marketing continue with no resolve in sight. The campaign has kicked off a range of bogus sites trying to get some hits off the mania. New rumours include the idea of a Power Rangers film as well as an HP Lovecraft adaptation. Freaks and Nerds study the footage endlessly, working on numerology and cryptology to try and gain clues.

Old rumours are forgotten... it's not a Godzilla film, the rights are on hold until 2013. Ethan Haas was right is not a related website. New rumours are stirred... Is it a Lost spinoff? Is the monster the black smoke?

There appears to also be a leak of the film's possible title: 'Monstrous'. Apparently Paramount have bought the domain too.

I have 2 ideas on the matter, with the working title being 'Cloverfield' think four leaf clover, think lucky, think Irish... think Leprechaun 8. No? Doesn't sound good enough? My other idea is the scariest as it's probably the most obvious:

Americans can't stand reading subtitles. Every great Asian film has had to have been remade as a low grade american flick. They've remade the Ring, Dark Water, the Grudge etc. The monster in 'Cloverfield' has been rumoured to be 'a parasite' and with that and the poster in mind (it appears to be a water friendly creature) it's likely that this film is an American adaption of the great South Korean film 'The Host". I really hope I'm wrong, but with films being as shit as they are recently, why would I be?

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