Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Gervais & Pilkington Video Podcast

This blog is turning into Pilkington News... (sigh). Anyway, if you're still with me, struggling to stay on top of the Gervais & Pilkington wave, get your ass into iTunes and search in the Pocast Directory for the new Gervais Show Video Podcast. It's a few minutes long and is remarked on as being 'irregular' so don't expect too much. Ricky asks a question very much like the Weird & Freaky Question from Cue & Ehh?, maybe it's catching on? (Update: Available to watch on You Tube below.)

After experiencing the demise of Ricky on The Simpsons it's nice to see him still having a laugh. For me, I think it's time they put an end to The Simpsons. The show hasn't been very good for around 8-10 seasons now. Just because it's the longest running doesn't mean it's the best anymore, infact I think the longer they run it the more depressing the whole affair has become, and with a film in the works it's only going to get worse. There has been mention of Gervais writing for Groening again and even becoming a member of the team... Two ships with one iceberg comes to mind.

For Ricky, the problem is that most Americans want to see him as David Brent. Giving a typical Brent performance with stupid songs and room clearing jokes, Gervais aims to please. Sadly he should have learnt his lesson from his Live 8 Performance. Giving people what they want isn't always the best move. People fear change, they don't know what they want, it's not for them to choose. It isn't all Ricky's fault, sure the script is mediocre and pulls no surprises, but it's also down to the animators who have obviously just sourced their material from The Office. The little goatee beard, the talking to camera and fiddling with the tie. There simply was no need.

If you want to see clever and original animation of Gervais, check out the Bears3 on Gervais' website.

Or these great little animations posted onto iFilm by Dyljons:

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