Monday, March 27, 2006

Spore -The Game Of Life: Bigger Than Jesus.

After viewing this 35 minute preview of 'Spore' I have realised that I'm way out of touch with the gaming world. I mean, I struggle to get to grips with Tetris but this is just insane. Starting as a microscopic organism you grow and evolve your species into an interstellar exploring race. 'Spore' combines the playlike format from games such as Pacman and Asteriods that evolves into a three dimensional exploration/world creation simulator with similarties to games such as Sims, Civilisation, and Black & White.

The scope is totally amazing. With tens of thousands of worlds to inhabit and interact with, as well as ten times that in species and forms. I can only describe this as a game of life for life. It seems that once involved, it would become an obssession to develop your creation to it's maximum potential. This game doesn't just allow you to play God, it lets you play better than God. Though jaw droppping, I know that it would be lost on me. I wouldn't get past the amoeba stage, for unlike God, I do not have the patience of angels.

If you're not already busy making real life babies of your own, or flushing them down the toilet, hold your breath and wait on the game of all games.


Spore Wiki
Official Site
Wired Interview with Will Wright (Creator)


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