Friday, April 07, 2006

NME - The New Sun

I just bought my first NME in around 3 years and I have to say... It could have been the same copy. What is it with these stupid publications? Having read the Thom Yorke interview the 'Artic Monkeys' were referred to 3 times?! What has the Artic Monkeys got to do with Radiohead? Then there's a feature on Jarvis Cocker... What is the feature called? You guessed it, 'Monkey's Uncle', or how about the article that features bands like the Artic Monkeys called "Children of the Monkeys'...(sigh).

What is it with the dumbing down of press? We're intelligent people, I think we can handle a little more than one reference point. Or is that all you've got? The problem with NME is that it fails to criticize. It simply exists as a promotional leaflet for supposed 'low key, up and coming' acts. I have never read an NME find that I hadn't read on a music blog six months previously. They're outdated, they're lacking originality and no-one in the place has a good ear between them.

NME is the new 'Sun', Kerrang is the new NME. Prestigious publications such as Ray Gun and Melody Maker don't exist anymore due to stupid people buying stupid magazines featuring other stupid people. Resist from buying these magazines. Visit Borders bookshop and buy the newest issue of 'Little White Lies', 'Marmalade' or some freaky one off fan mag. Leave the NME for the cretins and the tits it was intended for. May it be another 3 years until my next one, hopefully I'll be dead before then.


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