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Shuffle Receives Complaint From Irate Activist

Times are changing, that's for sure. There exists a merging of media to life. We are glued to our mobile phones and spend more time interacting with the internet than watching television. What is real and what is not? I can't say I have the answers, I can't even say that I know where the line is drawn.

A little while ago I blogged two videos featuring a crazy dog fighting off it's own leg and a crazy guy shouting at his cats. Today I received a rather shocking complaint from an irate activist. The complaint stated:

'I have reported this site to PETA as well as the Internet Crimes Division and the Humane Society.
This is regarding the Tourettes Cat and the dog on the couch that is possibly tied with string. You should not be showing videos that depict verbal and/or physical abuse of any animal or that encourages such abuse.
I would like to have this video removed and any subsequent videos by this member.

This is NOT funny animal content.'

I was taken back by this. There are two stand points here, I could agree with the complaint, remove the linked You Tube videos, or simply ignore it and carry on. Though doing either would not be in my nature. I immediately replied:

'Although I totally respect your concern. It’s not me you should be emailing... That’s like emailing a newspaper and telling them that they are responsible for the crimes they report. I would advise that you approach the poster from You Tube to find out the circumstances and source of the material. Having researched the Crazy Dog and Tourettes Cat videos any evidence regarding them is hearsay.

I understand that these images may be upsetting to you. I understand your protest.

To help you in your further pursuit I advise that you approach the posting members from You Tube and Ebaum’s World.

I would love to know the outcome, and will act rapidly on any breach of law or offence.'

I ask myself, 'What have I done? Have I linked to videos depicting unforgivable cruelty, placing the animals in far from humane conditions? Having found these videos humorous am I somewhat sick in the head? These videos have been reported on by numerous bloggers, are we all sick in the head?

I can't possibly resist a complaint that I totally agree with. Animals should not harassed for entertainment. There should be no Circuses, no Zoos... But how far should this be taken? Am I cruel because I own two hamsters that, although have a large activity based cage, are not in their natural environment. Isn't this harassment of an animal for the sake of entertainment. Isn't all pets?

The disturbing thing is that although these videos were very funny when I first viewed them, I didn't think of ramifications of them. If it is a fact that the Crazy Dog is a normal dog with string tied around it's leg, then it's probably one of the most offensive things I've ever found amusing. If it is for real then it's probably one of the funniest things I've ever saw. If it is a fact that the guy featured in the Tourettes Cat is tourettes free, sane and maliciously causing grief then that's not funny at all is it?

A disturbing search for Tourettes Cat on You Tube reveals numerous copies. People that had viewed the video and thought 'I'm going to copy it, shout at my own cat and film it'. This is totally unforgivable. How can any loving cat owner think of such a thing?

A search for Crazy Dog raises around twenty different uploads of the short.

I am left with a predicament. What do I do? Do I remove or forget? I reply with a third option. I am going to research the issue and find out the nature of these two videos. As I type this blog I am typing a letter to posters on You Tube and Ebaum's World to find the producers of this footage and discover the truth.

Others that agree with the complaint can email me or post a message. If you would like to be active in the fight against animal cruelty visit PETA. I will keep you posted...


Anonymous Anonymous Hero said...

Well, personally I thought the dog video was just weird, my 11 year old niece thought it was hilarious. So it IS funny animal content; to her. Personally I would much rather use her reaction as a gauge than that of a PETA member or supporter.
The cat video reminds me of any cats reaction to a particular bugbear, for example a vacuum cleaner. Having made a movie of the cat running from the vacuum, the film maker then overlayed a different soundtrack.
Then again, it might just be a Tourettes sufferer filming his cat? If it is, will PETA police pet owners for neurological disease? I suspect they would like to given half the chance. Anyone interested in PETA's links to and funding of terrorism should click the links below:

1. A reasonably neutral overview of PETA from wikipedia:\

2. An overview of the ALA ( funded by PETA ):

3. Earth Liberation Front ( also funded by PETA):

4. More on PETA's funding of terrorism:

5. The US Senates views on PETA's terrorist funding role:

6. PETA compares chicken burgers to the genocide of six-million Jews:

7. PETA would rather our students drink beer than milk; read entry at March 13, 2000:

PETA always remind me of middle class parents showing up at a teenage party. Instantly the fun is drained from any situation. Don't eat that egg, it is gained through torture:
Guess what? Most people don't care. I, for one don't care what condition cows and chickens and fluffy anthropomorphic bunnies are kept in so long as I get to eat them. Although I would much prefer a system where everyone had to kill their own meat and butchers then rendered (lovely word) the carcass for our later consumption. I can live with things as they are now though.
PETA need to address capitalism, NOT eating animals. The overwhelming majority of people will eat meat regardless, so they had best get used to it. They need to address the chain of production and accept that is the best modification that they can hope for. But, like most would-be terrorist groups, PETA have the minority opinion and can see only the use of violence as a method of forcing their way. Although they should realise by now they have already lost.

As for your linking to the videos - you have broken no laws. PETA will have to accept it and either discuss it or move on.
Maybe, like all 1 note worriers, members of PETA should simply

CHOOSE not to watch animals in movies
CHOOSE not to eat meat
CHOOSE not to wear leather
CHOOSE not to support animal testing
etc, etc, etc
And guess what again? Nearly everyone would support their CHOICE. Not try and force them into the majority way of thinking.
When are PETA and it''s supporters going to realise they are just a throwback to the romantics; edifying a fictional nature over an increasingly disinterested civilization. Perpetuating a division that is rapidly shrinking in the modern mind? Time and culture, thought and deed have moved on. Maybe they should too, finally.
And as a final note - why doesn't your emailer care about the little kittens ?

And so, in the cowardly precedent set by PETA, ELF and ALF I shall remain nameless. But for 'Anonymous Hero'. Ducking and diving from the shadows you understand. :-)

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