Friday, August 17, 2007

The only thing you need to know...

O.K. So this blog is dying a slow and painful death. With Cue & Ehh?s falling through such as MC Router and Tay Zonday... With me being lazy and not showing my findings such as Amy MacDonald, the rise of Robyn, the grimaces of Bill Callahan, Grizzly Bear, Bat For Lashes, Mirah and Spectratone... I am lethargic... It's a big internet out there. You'll find something that grabs you. I have tried people, I have tried... If I can say anything about this summer it's one thing:



Anonymous Livy said...

Persepolis is brilliant (only read the first part, looking forward to the film)
'Epileptic' by David B. have art which looks almost exactly like Mariane Satrapi's though- was it created by the same person, or did he just mimick her style (un)consciously?

Anyway, nice to see another Gurewich fan- fingers crossed that the Perry Bible Fellowship will arive in teh mailbox before christmas... (it's already out in UK/US, isn't it? grrr)

all the best

7:12 PM  

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