Thursday, February 16, 2006

F**K U Google Maps & F**k U Everyone!

What do you do when someone invades your privacy in such an astonishing way, to such an insane level that you are awe struck at the detail to which you can view your house and back garden?

You tell them to go fuck themselves. That's what you do. You take yourself and few friends to the public park. You journey to the back of that park to the rarely used gravel pitch. A pitch that you once saw a little girl be thrown across when a swing ride at a travelling fair broke and sent her hurtling into the air. You drag your feet through that gravel revealing the dust and dirt below. You speak your small mind.

Fine, so maybe it wasn't done especially for a satellite to take a snapshot and display it to the world. Maybe it's not even man-made, maybe it has been created by the same aliens that have marked circles in farmers fields. Maybe they're fed up with being subtle, decided to stop with the cryptology and tell us all to 'go fuck'.

Further Viewing:

Google States - Go look at your trailer park.
Google Kingdom - Check out the mess of your Council Block.
(Remember to Satellite it!)


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