Friday, March 31, 2006

Isolatr - How did I manage without it?

Quickly racing past the likes of Friendster (Remember Friendster? neither do I...), Classmates, Friends Re-united, Deviantart, Flickr, You Tube and now in complete competition with the big boy, Isolatr is a necessity. One on one, Isolatr is the yang to Myspace's ying. Everyone seems to be favouring the 'No-one's space' of our time. I know, that ever since finding Isolatr, my life has completely changed around. Instead of having to deal with friends, interesting people or people interested in me, I have time to reflect. I can be completely alone without a care in the world. Why... I could die on Isolatr and my own family would never know. It's as close to oblivion as any living self-aware being can be.

If you're interested in seeing my profile or adding me to your community group, use the link below:



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