Sunday, March 05, 2006

Crazy Bitch, Crazy Dog & Crazy Cat Man

You have had to be living in a matt black painted bubble to not have seen the Natalie Portman Rap from Saturday Night Live. I mean, as slightly entertaining as it is it's not exactly the greatest piece of comedy ever produced. That title goes to Crazy Dog.

The disturbing thing about this footage is that it's been rumoured that string was tied around the dog's foot and it is in fact, being taunted by it's owner. This may be the case, it's not improbable. It looks fairly plausible, and if you view it with this in mind it somehow reduces the comedy value. So what are we left with? Either a clip of a body dysmorphic dog attacking it's untrustworthy left leg or someone who's trying to make us think that this is the case. Maybe the dog is not the only one having it's leg pulled?
If dogs aren't your thing you could have a look at 'Tourettes Cat'. Footage of an expressive guy trying to communicate with his cats. I don't know if the cat's are picking up on the subtleties of his remarks. He's not exactly Doctor Doolittle but he is many times funnier than Doctor Doolittle starring Eddie Murphy.

One last thing on 'You Tube'. I am always amused by how angry some of the comments are that are left from unamused viewers. What do these people want for nothing? One comment regarding two teenage girls miming to the Pixies 'Hey' stated "I hope you both get breast Cancer"?! Or two kids faking a ghost haunting in an attic receiving, "Morons... Why don't you and your specky girlfriend fuck off". One of my favourites though is a non abusive comment to a young guy skillfully playing the Simpsons theme on an acoustic guitar to an almost classically trained standard. It reads; "Wow. Give me the Guitar Tabs for that. I command you..." ha ha....


Anonymous Kathy Cobb said...

I have reported the video about the dog who is possibly tied with string to the Humane Society of the United States, PETA, and the internet crimes division.

I did not find the tourettes cat but it is listed so I assume it is too on your site.

Videos such as this should not be tolerated as they depict animal abuse or encourage animal abuse.

All videos submitted by tho member who submitted the dog/string video and the tourettes cat video should be removed.

2:22 PM  

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