Friday, March 03, 2006

A Gold Man For Silverman

There is very little that can be said when it comes to Sarah Silverman. Mainly because she's great, and that doesn't fill up a lot of time. I posted earlier about her but felt that it simply wasn't enough to put her in with a bunch of funny stuff that I think everyone should check out.

Silverman, who is 35, holds the perfect hand in a game of comedy poker. She's experienced but looks youthful, she's sexy but always 'dirtying' herself, and she draws no lines when it comes to something being funny. Her off tangent mind finds fun in race issues, the holocaust, aids and the mandatory toilet talk.

Her film, 'Jesus Is Magic', is still to be released with no sign of a date or even a season. Recently completing a Comedy Central Pilot she's still on the up and up.

One thing always startles me with American Comics though. They always work the same material for years on different shows and appearances. Finding Silverman material has churned up a lot of reworking of the same joke. Comedians attend Letterman or O'Brien and instead of having a conversation where they may say impromptu funny things, they don't really participate and simply work in jokes from their act. Much different than British comics who would work impromptu and would be known for their quick wit rather than particular jokes.

That's not downsizing the vast genius that is Sarah Silverman, it's merely criticizing the way promotion of comedy material is handled in the States. There is a handful of other Silverman clippits on You Tube, including the controversial Aristocrats appearance.

Update: Silverman is to feature in Observer Woman Magazine in the 12th March edition. Looks like the UK media is finally catching on to her talents.


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