Thursday, April 13, 2006

Amazing Machines

Well, there' been a lot of science talk this week, with it being science week, you would expect it. With a successful start to the Venus Express mission I thought I'd find some other fantastic machines. How can you speak of those machines without mentioning Rube Goldberg. Goldberg, the first president of the National Cartoonists Society, first came up of the concept of amazing devices that did simple tasks in a very convoluted way. These 'Incredible Machines' can be spotted throughout the media, and have had a great effect on engineering and machine making, putting his name to the concept; 'The Rube Goldberg Machine'. Although often seen as a novelty, Golberg inspired machines often display incredible feats of engineering, physics knowledge and of a scientificly creative mind. Below are examples of a Japanese TV Show's segments inspired by Goldberg:

Interested in Rube?:

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Arthur Ganson creates beautiful kinetic sculptures. Ganson, engineer turned artist, turns the mechanical into the inspiring. His works always seem to portray the quiet, secretive life of moving materials. Little inanimate materials strangely animate, tippy toeing to and fro, sneaking and creeping around, he's like the Attenborough of machines.

Interested in Arthur?:

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Similar to Ganson, David C Roy creates kinetic sculptures from wood. Using various optical illusion techniques Roy makes limited edition mechanical art wall hangings that are calming and hypnotic.

Interested in David?:

Wood That Works - Official Site With Animation & Video.

Andrew Smith's 'Moon Pool':

Karl Spelletich's Works:

Interested in kinetic art as a whole?:

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