Saturday, April 08, 2006

Little Brother Is Watching

I'm not really one for political activist sites, not that I'm one for politics, but politics online, especially when Bush is involved, always vents unresearched, emotional commentary rather than factual information. What I enjoy about 'Little Brother Is Watching' is it's lack of Bush bashing for laughs. Let's face it, satire in America is an easy business at the minute. Comedians must be thinking they've won the lottery with the amount of comedic material Bush has made available to them. "Little Brother' offers a range of sites to research for yourself and states, 'Knowledge is power. Arm yourself'. It can be forgiven for it's shameless marketing of t-shirts and stickers bearing it's logo due to their value and their nature, though rather than buying a t-shirt to speak your mind I'd buy a Noam Chomsky book to 'arm yourself' to actually speak your mind.


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