Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pancake Mountain

You know it, I know it. You could say 'We all know it'. Sesame Street sucks. Sure, interracial friendships between those stricken with various afflications was fun for a while. It taught us all that everyone was the same. A large 7 foot bird had the same rights as a homeless, smelly whiner or a trans-sexual elephant. We all sang along to the '12' song and flipped the channel whenever the iron filings guy came on.

There is a new show being chinese whispered amongst the playground creatures. It's not as regular or frequent as Sesame Street, it's not daily, not weekly, it's not even monthly, but it is... worth the wait. At four shows a year it won't change the face of children's television but it is shaking it up.

Featuring musical acts such as Arcade Fire, Go Team, Henry Rollins, Juliet Lewis, M.I.A., Fiery Furnaces and the Kaiser Chefs, Pancake Mountain is carving an indie rock channel into the ear drums of the U.S. nations youth. With Rufus the cheeky goat puppet and Captain Perfect, some kind of... kind of... super freak, the show has slowly gathered together fans to make it to it's third DVD release. It's only six episodes strong, but it's better to have six episodes of Pancake Mountain than 20 years of Sesame Street.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How dare you bad mouth 'THE STREET'

Fuck Pancake Mountain up its disc shaped ......
Wait...forget it.

9 ladybugs went to the ladybugs picnic.

Ahh that feels better.

10:25 PM  

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