Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sufjan Stevens' Visuals

On a rampage to find something to post about I accidentally stumbled over this lovely little video by 'uhdrelee'. It's such a beautiful song, from such a beautiful album. I think the video does do it justice. I sat hypnotised.

There seems to be some kind of holy war waging on the comments section, but what do I care...

Casimir Pulaski Wiki
Uh-Dre-Lee's Myspace

There's something very 'Gondry' about this 'Apple Seed Cast' video, but again it flows really nicely with the track. I love anything to do with polaroids, so this video tugged on my obsession strings as soon as I saw them. The track 'Chicago' is an acoustic version, one that I've never heard before, very fragile and isolated compared to it's strongly grouped studio version.

Tom Dundee Death In The Chicago Tribune

A great stop animation for 'Concerning The UFO Sighting Near Highland, Illinois' by 'antihero699'.



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