Thursday, April 13, 2006

Russ' Brother Billy

Carrying on my very loosely based science posts, I happened upon some incredible evidence of extra-terrestrial life. The videos of Billy Meier holds unarguable proof that UFOs are watching us and that Olive, famous one hit dance duo from the 90's was right, 'You're not alone'.

Billy makes, sorry, films extraordinary things. Offering proof of alien visitation, he films strangely primative craft performing incredible things. Hanging by a small thread, these craft swing back and forth going nowhere in front of badly painted back drops and over poorly modelled materials. When not being filmed these craft like to stay close to trees for still photography. Very close. You could say 'fixed to'. What do these strange craft want from us? How have they managed to travel on such a prehistoric method of transport? Why do they love trees so much?

Billy is a loner. A crazy loner that hears voices in his head. These voices, the Pleiadians from planet Erra, told Billy to get his loner ass out and get married, have children and hoax some UFOs. Of course believers would have me executed. They'd say that there is no proof of hoaxing. That time and time again Billy's photographs have been found to have had no visible tampering or trickery. So rather than slander the man's good name any further I'll let you judge for yourself. Below is a Google Video of a Meier presentation. If you have a spare 1h40mins, I'd recommend it:


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The Fly

Don't Believe:

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