Thursday, April 27, 2006

Scientology - Making Christianity The Right Choice

I can't say I'm one for believing or even one for hope, though I am one for having interest in the methods. Religion for me is the unknown. The dirty word that your parents whisper or spell when you were a kid. How babies are made or how Santa manages to deliver all those toys. Religion is the great mystery.

Let's face it, life is hard enough when you're just trying to live it, succeed and leave a mark. Then we invite the family member who has tourettes to the party. It's there, we all see it. We all can't avoid it around us, with us, on us. We try to talk and get on with enjoying ourselves, but it isn't long before it makes itself known again.

People who are affected by religion are often in hardship, have had some kind of mental trauma, a close by death, whether it be themselves or a family member, or are simply nuts. For those that are extremely nuts there is the nuttiest of all religions... Scientology. Scientology has no history, no vague underlying story and definitely no saints. It exists as a religion for the elite, pay to pray...

Scientology contains none of the romantic ideals of Christianity. No martyrs. No miracles. It contains no good to fight the bad. No parables to apply to our lives. It is simply science fiction theory taken too far.

The Gospel According To Southpark:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, Scientology does have a founding myth, and L. Ron Hubbard is its saint. And it is all very very SCARY. For the true story on Scientology (and how it f*cks people's skulls well and truly), hop along over to

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