Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Complete Suicide Manual - Japanese

O.K.... I'm going to get this Blog finally rolling... And what better way to start something off than to end it at the same time... he he. No, but really... I was watching a spot of BBC News 24 last night at a great article on Japanese Suicides came to my attention. Any of you who know me, or my work, know that I have an overwhelming fixation with suicide. I just find it an interesting concept for a living being who's programmed instinct is to survive.
Anyway, the report was on the Suicide Manual by Wataru Tsurumi and the rise of internet Suicide Clubs. I find it mildly amusing that these opportunities are so easily available in Japan whereas they would be frowned upon here in Europe. Imagine going into your local bookstore and having the chance to buy a book on 10 possible ways to commit suicide.
A lot of people kill themselves unsuccessfully or stupidly and I believe it's about time that someone released a 'How To' book on the subject.
I tried to purchase this book and was totally unsuccessful with the rare Japanese bookstores online and supposed Japanese Merchandise stores available through mail order. Strangely enough I found it on Amazon Japan and was able to fumble my way through registering and buying the book... (God bless Google Translator)
If you are interested in purchasing the book the site will let you register through the English Translated Registering Process but you will need to translate your first name to Japanese in the Google Translator and cut and paste it into the 'Figurana' form. It works out around £7 for the book and £7 postage straight from Amazon but there are others sellers selling cheaper copies but I thought it was best just to stick to Amazon. You can use to find out how much you're going to pay. Good luck and when you receive it... Good luck.