Friday, March 31, 2006

Nothing, Nada... Zip.

Do you want to know what I find interesting today? It'll not take me long to tell you, just give me a second...

:nothing. Yep, there's absolutely nothing going on at all. I mean you can go look for yourself. Check BoingBoing, check AckAckAck, even go and check Stereogum or Fluxblog. It's all as boring as hell. I usually have an interesting tune or I am impatiently waiting to go see a film, but after checking the cinema of what's out and what's coming out there is nothing worth my time. Sure I have a cinema card that I pay for monthly, it wouldn't cost me any extra to go see something, but what's the point? Am I going to be rewarded in any way from this forced experience? No...

I have around 8,000 tunes on my iPod and there isn't one that I want to listen too. I also have another 2,000 held on my external hard-drive but I wouldn't have taken them off my iPod and put them on there if they hadn't have been shit. Sure I could listen to The Ricky Gervais Show podcast over again, but I've played it out, worn it thin. I've also worn Jeff Wayne's 'War Of The Worlds' out, I'm sick to death of Sufjan Stevens, Junip and I didn't even bother with that Radiohead covers album.

I'm surrounded by rubbish. If you've got anything interesting let me know, though I doubt it. I think that 2006 will be a very bad year for creation and creative people. Wake me up in 2007.

No links... No point.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was I bored? No, I wasn't fuckin' bored. I'm never bored. That's the trouble with everybody - you're all so bored. You've had nature explained to you and you're bored with it, you've had the living body explained to you and you're bored with it, you've had the universe explained to you and you're bored with it, so now you want cheap thrills and, like, plenty of them, and it doesn't matter how tawdry or vacuous they are as long as it's new as long as it's new as long as it flashes and fuckin' bleeps in forty fuckin' different colors. So whatever else you can say about me, I'm not fuckin' bored.

-Johnny, Naked

LOL - Tweedie poohs

9:51 AM  

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